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Duluth Lakewalk Mini-Master Plan

DULUTH, Minn- There could be some changes on the way to the Duluth Lakewalk. The city is hoping to create a plan, that will help earn funding to revitalize the Lakewalk. Recently the Lakewalk has been plagued by everything from…

Dark Skies Protest Party

There's been some concern about new street lighting in Duluth's downtown district. Those involved are protesting the cities decision to use intense LED lighting along certain streets in Duluth. The protests' supporters claim that the new lights will ruin Duluth's…

Northland Vietnam Veterans Memorial Restored

DULUTH, Minn- The Northland Vietnam Veterans Memorial that was vandalized earlier this week is now back to its previous condition. The Lakewalk memorial that lists the names of the 136 northland residents who died in Vietnam was vandalized with silver…

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