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Tree Recycling

If you are looking to get rid of your holiday tree, the Western Lake Superior Sanitary District has the program for you. 

Hayward Businesses Surviving Warm Winter

In the resort towns of Northwest Wisconsin, business is seasonal—fishing  and water sports when it's warm, ice fishing and snow sports, when it's cold—but this year the mild winter has kept the snow from falling and the lakes from freezing, and the usual suspects aren't around.

Protesters Demand Superior Mayor's Resignation

Members of the Justice City Coalition, and community members are outside of Superior's City Hall in response to controversial remarks made by Mayor Bruce Hagen calling President Obama a Muslim. 

Names Released in Ashland Double Murder, Suicide.

On Christmas Eve at 12:02 pm the Ashland Police Department received a call reporting someone was shot, from 300 block of Willis Ave. During the investigation the police department discovered that there was a double murder and suicide at the residence. The victims have been identified as Zhara Parent, a 23 year old woman and her mother-in-law, 84-year-old Patricia Parent. The suspect in the shooting, who was also found deceased in the home, has been identified as Patricia Parent's 54-year-old son Daniel Parent.

Public Safety

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