Animal Answers

Animal Answers: Microchipping Month

DULUTH, Minn. - For this week’s Animal Answers, FOX 21’s Brett Scott took a trip to Animal Allies Humane Society in Duluth to find out more about a helpful event…

Humane Happy Hour

Duluth, Animal Allies in Duluth held their first ever educational happy hour for adults tonight. They say the typical interaction they have is with children, so this was a good way…

Animal Answers- Pet Oxygen Masks

The Invisible Fence Brand has been committed to saving the lives of pets since 1973. Within the last 5 years invisible fence has saved an estimated 10,000 pets from fires using pet oxygen masks. In this week's animal answers. We'll show you how they're saving lives right here in the Northland.

Keeping Pets Safe When Temperatures Drop

It looks like the temperatures will be dropping below zero for the first time this season. While people bundle up,  it's important people don't forget about their furry friends. 

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