KYN: Blue Arrow Boutique

“Our main goal was to provide Superior with something like what Duluth has," Blue Arrow Boutique co-owner Anndrea Ploeger said.

Winterfest Medallion Found in Superior

Red Rock Radio’s Winterfest 2015 Medallion Hunt is over! The 3-inch clear acrylic disc was found Wednesday at approximately 12:45pm in Millennium Park in Superior, WI by 36-year old Ben Buchanan and his friend Charlie Mercier, 39-years old, both of Duluth.

Panhandling Ordinance Helping Superior Businesses

Whether it was for a dollar or something else free, panhandlers used to set up inside and outside of Pizza Man in Superior asking for money to buy food, booze and sometimes even to gamble inside the restaurant.

Locals Celebrate Super Bowl 49

Even though the Vikings or Packers did not make it to the Super Bowl this year locals still came out to cheer and see who would take home the trophy.

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