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Proctor-Hermantown Breeze Past Moose Lake Area

The no. 1 seeded Proctor–Hermantown ladies took the ice for the first time this post–season after earning themselves a first round bye and they showed moose lake why they had earned that number one seed.

Alander Recognized For Leadership and Skill

Every hockey team needs a leader out on the ice. Someone who can handle pressure when things get tough, lucky for Denfeld they've found that in one of their seniors and they aren't the only one's taking notice.

Duluth Marshall Cuts Varsity Football

Last summer, there were rumblings that Duluth Marshall wouldn't have enough players for a varsity team, but a late surge barely filled out the roster, that won't be the case for 2016.

Northern Star: Brandon Myer

On this week's Northern Star, a Superior senior has been growing his whole life, and will continue to grow right here in the Northland.

Eskomos Fall to Bombers

The Barnum Bombers led 14-10 at the half, and extended the lead with rebounding and clutch shooting in the second half.

Making the Cut: Kicking it with Duluth East

"Hey everybody is this week's 'Making the Cut' I am at Duluth East High School with the reigning Section 7AA champ Greyhounds. I'm joined by coach Bremer. Coach, you guys are the reigning champs, what are you looking for in your players that you want to see on the field, to make your team?""Well, when we're going through tryouts some of the things we look for are shooting, passing, dribbling and things like that. Positioning, communication, hustle, all of those things factor in when we're looking at players to make the cut."

Making the Cut: Serving it up with Virginia

"Hey everybody. In this edition of 'Making the Cut' I'm going to take my talents to the tennis courts with the reigning section 7A champs, Virginia. I'm here with coach Mauston. Coach, what skills and what are you looking at from me to make the cut of your team?""Well I think Nick, the most important thing I can tell you, have a great attitude, work hard and make sure you're having fun because that's the name of the game here in Virginia. It's worked well for coach Gunderson and myself for many, many years."

East's Baker Always There for an Assist

While hitters get the glory, setters often go overlooked on the volleyball court.Duluth East volleyball coach Danna Anderson says her setter, Alayna Baker, is a prime example."She doesn't get a whole lot of credit for the amount of work that she puts in on the court," Anderson said. "It's a pretty thankless position."

Two Harbors' Mayfield Re-Writing Record Books

Swimming wasn't the first sport Allie Mayfield tried, however once she was in the pool, it didn't take Allie long to realize she'd found her sport."I kinda tried really every sport before i got to swimming," she said. "Swimming was different from every other sport I tried. I really love being an individual while still being on a team. I like testing my ability."

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