310 Pub

Five Nights of Bayfront Boosts Business in Canal Park

Restaurants and Hotels experiencing an increase in sales as concert-goers flock after shows.

DULUTH, Minn.- All the events at Bayfront the last few days have been lucrative for Canal Park businesses. The staff at 310 pub tells us even though they’ve been working through the concerts, they enjoy hearing stories about the shows from customers who come in afterward for a drink. “Business is booming we definitely had quite a lot of business…

1 Arrested, Light Pole Toppled During Bulldogs Celebrations In Canal Park

Overall, Duluth police said the large crowd mostly remained in control

DULUTH, Minn.- Canal Park was alive Saturday night after the UMD Bulldogs’ historic National Championship back-to-back win. Soon, a large crowd flooded Lake Avenue near 310 Pub, causing Duluth police to block off the road to traffic. Some fans took their excitement a little too far. “The guy got up on the light post and started shaking it real hard,…