Some City of Duluth Plow Drivers Refuse to Work Overtime For Saturday Storm as Union Members Prepare to Vote on Contract Agreement

On Saturday city officials said snowplows would be out for this storm through the city, but the fleet would be operating fewer than normal.

DULUTH, Minn.- Some plow drivers refused to come in to work overtime for this weekend’s winter storm as the City of Duluth says their contract requires them to do. While the reasoning is unclear at this time, this comes as a tentative contract agreement was reached in the 11th hour between union workers and the city administration. On Saturday city…

AFSCME Union Workers Rally at Duluth City Hall Amid Contract Negotiations

They say they want a fair and equitable contract agreement and for the city to drop what they call harmful healthcare proposals that would increase costs for workers.

DULUTH, Minn.- Union workers from Duluth’s AFSCME local 66 gathered on at City Hall Saturday to rally for a fair contract agreement with the city. About 300 street maintenance, librarians, and other city workers gathered to call on the administration to remember how AFSCME, they said, experienced 50 layoffs, wage freezes, and agreed to take 18 unpaid days off during…