Alicia Skjoelsvold

Amid Decline in Business, PacKare Duluth Continues to Bring Pets Daily Joy

PacKare Duluth Experiences a More Than 50 Percent Decline in Business During COVID-19 Pandemic

DULUTH, Minn. – One thing you’re still allowed to do under a ‘Stay at Home’ order is get outside and enjoy the great outdoors with social distancing in mind. Many animals in the Northland are getting more walks than normal during this difficult time. One local pet care business is considered essential to stay open, but the owner is seeing…

Keeping the Pack Taken Care Of

Packare was Founded Nearly Five Years Ago by Duluthian Alicia Skjoelsvold

DULUTH, Minn. – Everything but lions, tigers and bears help keep Alicia Skjoelsvold’s business alive. “Kitties, pocket pets, sugar gliders, guinea pigs, rabbits, bearded dragons,” said Skjoelsvold. “We do pet sitting and dog walking.” The native Duluthian decided five years ago to leave her dream job; reality had set in and routine became a bore. “This time of year we…