Minnesota Power Plaza to Be Renovated This Summer

Plans include added seating, gardens, and solar lighting.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- More changes could be coming to Downtown Duluth this summer as the Allete Company is working to renovate Minnesota Power Plaza at the corner of Lake Avenue and Superior Street. Staff with Allete said the plaza will include increased accessibility including a sidewalk into Canal Park. They’re also looking to put in more seating, shading, gardens, and solar…

Duluth City Council Approves Changes to Minnesota Power Building

Duluth City Council Approved Monday Night's Vote for Renovations to the Minnesota Power Building

DULUTH, Minn. – The Minnesota Power building in downtown Duluth hasn’t changed much since 1970’s, but company leaders are hoping the Duluth City Council helps clear the way for some renovations by letting them close the entrance to their building from the sky walk. The vote Monday night was approved unanimously, with councilor Arik Forsman abstaining. The main goal includes…

More Renewable and Clean Energy Is Coming to the Northland

Updates will be done by mid 2020's, and company expects 50% of energy to come from renewable energy

DULUTH, Minn.- Minnesota Power and parent company Allete have announced more investments in clean energy. The organization recently sold a water company it had in the Twin Cities area for nearly three hundred million dollars with some of those funds will allow them to invest in more solar and wind energy. Julie Pierce, Vice President for Strategy and Planning at…