Great Outdoors: Learning Archery Indoors with Duluth Parks and Rec

Archery offered at Washington Center Gym for $5 a person.

DULUTH, Minn.- If you’ve ever wanted to play Robin Hood or Green Arrow, you can do so once a month, as Duluth Parks and Recreation now offers archery at $5 a person. The sound of an arrow puncturing the target echoes throughout the Washington Center Gym. “It’s just something different, it’s a new skill to learn and interesting,” said student…

Learning Archery with Duluth Parks and Recreation

Parks and Rec hosted monthly Family Archery Night.

DULUTH, Minn.- Some people in Duluth got to play Robin Hood at Family Archery Night at the Washington Center Gym on First Avenue West. The night was put together by Duluth Parks and Recreation. Participants learned the basic safety, technique, and process for shooting archery. They also tested their skills in archery games and challenged. According to organizers, the hardest…

Bowfest in Full Swing

Archer's Find their Paradise in Superior

Superior, WI- The hills of Mont Du Lac become a plastic forest as elk, deer, bears and even dinosaurs come out….to get shot… at the 2nd Annual Bowfest. The air is filled with the “thwip” of arrows leaving bows and meeting their targets. Sunlight glisten off the shiny bows hanging patiently on archers’ shoulders. In terms of competition, even friends…