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Crime Victims Rights Proclamation

A special art exhibit is helping empower those victims

DULUTH, Minn.- The City of Duluth, has declared this week, ‘National Crime Victims’ Rights Week. A special art exhibit at Zeitgeist is helping empower those victims. This year’s theme is honoring the past, but creating hope for the future. Experts say, in a life or death situation, knowing that you aren’t alone is crucial. One survivor and artist in the…

Bringing Missing Indigenous Women Home, Through Art

AICHO Exhibit Raises Awareness of MMIW

DULUTH, Minn.-¬†The number of missing or murdered indigenous women is hard to pinpoint, as many cases go unreported. Friday, an exhibit at AICHO focused not on the statistics, but on bringing the stories of these women home. The Bring Her Home exhibit started last year in Minneapolis, and is now ending its tour in Duluth. The exhibit features artwork which,¬†AICHO…