ashland police department

Funding Delays Construction Plans for New Ashland Police Department Building

"You risk a lot of officer safety."

ASHLAND, Wisc. – For over 40 years the Ashland Police Department has been in the basement of city hall. After years of planning to start building a new police station there construction is now on hold until funding is found and approved by the Ashland City Council. Officers say the current space makes it difficult to do their jobs. Without…

2 Charged in Ashland Homicide

Both face 2 counts of felony charges.

ASHLAND, Wis. – Both suspects, 42-year-old Matthew Phillips and 38-year-old Jennifer Mustache, have been charged in the killing of Marcus Holton. Holton, 52, was found dead in his home in Ashland Feb. 25. Phillips and Mustache were arrested in Superior on Feb. 27. Mustache was found with a small amount of methamphetamine at the time of her arrest. Phillips and…