bad weather

Jumping Out of the Cold, Into Summer Break

Planet 3 Extreme Air Park attracts families looking for fun indoor activities.

DULUTH, Minn.-¬†When the weather on this planet gets you down, why not travel to a new planet? Planet 3 to be exact. Summer Break is beginning for students and in nasty weather like Sunday’s, families are trying to find fun indoor activities. So in the gloomy, windy, snowy outdoors, Planet 3 Extreme Air Park on 46th Avenue West, turns into…

Gloomy Weather on Easter Sunday

Cold and wet doesn't stop Northlanders from enjoying the lake.

DULUTH, Minn.- Wind, rain, clouds and cool air took over the Northland on Easter Sunday. In Canal Park, sheets of ice replaced the waves around the lighthouse. But, that didn’t stop visitors from checking out Lake Superior. “We were hoping with this strong Northeast wind we’d see some waves, but we see iceberg, which is good,” said Phil White, visiting…