Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble Helps Raise Funds for Stowe Elementary Book Fair

While part of purchase went to the book fair, school officials sat outside and offered to wrap gifts for free.

DULUTH, Minn.- Shoppers at Barnes and Noble at the Miller Hill Mall got a headstart on their Christmas wrapping–while helping out at a local school. A portion of Barnes and Noble sales during the day went towards Stowe Elementary School’s book fair in February. After shopping, you could get your gifts wrapped by an official from Stowe, partnered with the…

Art by Duluth Public Schools Students Exhibited at Miller Hill Mall

Over 400 students' pieces on display.

DULUTH, Minn.- Works by young artists took over the Miller Hill Mall on Wednesday. Over 400 K-12 students from Duluth Public Schools had their artwork featured just outside of Barnes and Noble for all to admire. One of the young drawers said she worked hard to make her Mandala drawing as eye-catching as possible. “I want a lot of detail…

Book Options for Spring Reading

Coffee Conversation: Books Sparking Discussions

DULUTH, Minn. – For this week’s Midwest Roaster’s Coffee Conversation we’re highlighting some books perfect for Spring reading. Shari Illig, Community Business Development Manager for Barnes and Noble, gave a couple recommendations. Illig says both books would make great book club books because they spark conversations. The first recommendation is titled, “The Stranger in the Woods” by, Michael Finkel. This…