bayfield apple festival

Apple Fest Returns as ‘Core’ Part of Bayfield for Orchards, Thousands of Fans

The 59th Festival wrapped up with the parade of 33 floats and attractions through Downtown.

BAYFIELD, Wis.- Thousands packed the streets of Bayfield for Apple Fest, as the Northern Wisconsin tradition of almost 60 years returned this weekend after the pandemic sidelined all the fun last year. It was apples, to apples, to apples as far as the eye could see, as the festival wrapped up Sunday. “They have apple donuts, apple pies,” said one…

Apple Fest Still Success for Orchards Despite Crop Shortage

The drought reduced crop yields at apple orchards in Bayfield some as much as 40%.

BAYFIELD, Wis.- The drought reduced crop yields at apple orchards in Bayfield some as much as 40%, so many orchard stands offered fewer apple products at Apple Fest than in years past. “Usually every year we make around 8,000 caramel apples but this year we were only able to do 5,000,” said Madison Gingras, working at the Apple Hill Orchard…

Bayfield Businesses Thankful for Apple Fest’s Return before Quiet Winter

The Festival provides a boost for the many seasonal businesses in the area.

BAYFIELD, Wis.- Having Apple Fest back is a big economic boost to Bayfield and its surrounding towns and communities. And this comes after businesses like ‘Bayfield Inn’ saw a busier summer than last year. The Assistant General Manager telling us, it was at times difficult to keep up with, with the cost of goods going up. The inn is one…

Bayfield Apple Festival the “Apple” of Town’s Eye

Festival draws in more than 50,000 visitors each year.

BAYFIELD, Wis.- Drawing in more than 50,000 visitors every year, the Apple Festival is one of Bayfield’s biggest events. And you can tell, by how many people pack the streets for the parade. Marching down Rittenhouse Avenue, laid out in front of the deep blue Lake Superior, the Grand Parade draws floats, attractions, and spectators from around the Northland. As…

Get Felted Soap at Apple Fest

Some Unique Vendors Selling their Goods Alongside Apples

BAYFIELD, Wis.- Believe it or not there’s more than just apples at Apple Fest. There are all types of vendors taking advantage of the large crowds to sell their unique items, like felted soap. “It’s a bar of handmade soap that has wool roving wet-felted around the outside in alternating layers,” said Naomi McFadden, daughter of The Felted Soap Lady….

Apple Festival: Apple of Bayfield’s Eye

57th Annual Festival Ends with Parade

BAYFIELD, Wis.- The chilly October wind, normally piercing through the air, was overcome by the warmth of community, and food, at the 57th annual Bayfield Apple Festival. “Turnout was very good, I mean it was a little cold,” said Gordon Ringberg, Bayfield Mayor. “The weather never stops us.” Indeed, the weather didn’t stop the thousands gathered by the lake. For many,…