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Beargrease Vets Examine Dogs On Race Day, One Last Time Before First Checkpoint

Last minute injuries can come from dogs getting antsy waiting, or even frostbitten tongues in colder weather.

DULUTH, Minn.- While mushers, handlers and the dog teams get blinded by excitement before they start on the trail, the Beargrease veterinarians were busy making sure the dogs were in race-shape Sunday. At Saturday‚Äôs final official vet check, mushers could get extra dogs checked and cleared, just in case one of them gets injured overnight or at the starting line….

Beargrease Vets on Alert with Warm Temperatures

Dogs more prone to overheating, dehydration in the heat.

DULUTH, Minn.- All the dogs taking mushers along the Beargrease trail, which is softer than usual due to warmer weather, calls for a big team of trained veterinarians. 11 vets and 7 veterinary technicians are stationed at each checkpoint, along with one EMT to check on the human mushers. Vets say while they’re there for medical attention, mushers are usually…