Becca Bohlman

Worker Shortage Around The Northland

Construction and nursing jobs are at an all time high so local workforce's are coming up with new creative ways to employee new workers

DULUTH, Minn.- There are some career paths in the Northland where the need for employees is at an all time high. With the need for nurses at an all time high, and large construction projects coming to the Northland, two local workforce’s are doing everything they can to add more employees. Some may think it is due to the lack…

The Struggle To Fill Construction Jobs

With several major projects ahead, finding the right amount of workers could be hard

DULUTH, Minn.- Right now in the Northland, quite a few jobs are hard to fill. One of those industries where hiring is especially tough is construction. And with several major projects planned in the area, finding enough workers to complete them could be challenging. With that, CareerForce Center in Duluth is holding classes to help train workers to cut into…