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Oldenburg House Gearing Up for Re-Opening

"We could have three suits open every night. We're not likely to do that. We want to have enough down time between the stays that we can completely sanitize the suite."

CARLTON, Minn. – “When you’re around good players, your ears start to hear the right stuff,” Oldenburg House Proprietor, Glenn Swanson says. At five years old, Glenn Swanson developed a love for music. In his later years, began using his skills for fundraisers… And then, the pandemic hit. “In March and in April had cancelled our indoor events for our…

Duluth Bed and Breakfast was Once Home to Barnum Family

Northland Uncovered: The Firelight Inn on Oregon Creek

DULUTH, Minn. – In the early 1900s several business tycoons filled Duluth as champions of their industry. One of those men was George Barnum. He built a home in Duluth that now serves visitors from around the world. “Mr. Barnum was known as the “Grand Old Man of the Board of Trade.” His Barnum grain company was one of the…

Heading into the Kitchen with the A.G. Thomson House

Cooking Connection: Cranberry Wild Rice Strata

DULUTH, Minn. – For this week’s Cooking¬†Connection we cooked with the A.G. Thomson House. The A.G. Thomson House was built in 1909 in Duluth and now serves as a Bed and Breakfast. Tim and Angie Allen own the establishment and do all the cooking for guests. Angie¬†makes a several breakfast dishes and showed FOX 21 how to make a Cranberry…