Ben Tessier

Duluth Fire: Lake Superior Ice ‘a gamble’ Especially if Unprepared

Smaller inland lakes are much safer, but firefighters do have tips for anyone hoping to attempt ice fishing on the big lake.

DULUTH, Minn.- More ice is forming off the shores of Lake Superior in Duluth, but the Fire Department warns not to get too excited, as the big unpredictable lake can change with the slightest shift in winds. “Lake Superior is definitely more of a gamble so to speak than an inland lake or a smaller lake because of those currents,…

Firefighters Share Grill Safety Tips Ahead of Summer Barbecue Season

Charcoal should also be stored in a dry area because if it gets wet and need to be dried charcoal can be heat sensitive.

DULUTH, Minn.- With Memorial Day being the unofficial kickoff to summer, many break out and fire up the grill for the season, so the Duluth Fire Department wants to remind the public of proper grill safety. According to state rules open flames are prohibited on decks of apartments with three or more dwelling units. Firefighters also say to be cautious…