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14 Year-Old Gets Personal Birthday Parade

Traffic on Arrowhead Road honked to wish Haley a Happy Birthday.

DULUTH, Minn.- On Saturday a Duluth teenager got her own personal birthday parade to help her celebrate another milestone. Much of the traffic on Arrowhead Road honked to celebrate Haley Kovach-Hubert turning 14. The birthday girl also got a special parade organized by her family. Haley says despite not having a party, this birthday was one to remember. “I feel…

90-Year-Old Proctor Man Surprised with Community Birthday Parade

The whole community helped David Frear celebrate the first birthday without his wife of 62 years.

PROCTOR, Minn.- The Coronavirus pandemic has proven that there are more ways than just parties to celebrate important birthdays, like David Frear’s milestone 90th Birthday Parade. “It’s really, really exciting. I really like it,” Frear said as cars honked by. After having to cancel a surprise party, Frear’s family still wanted to make his 90th one to remember. “When I…

Six-Year-Old’s Birthday Party Becomes Personal Birthday Parade Thanks to Community

Josie Ulvestad was surprised with a parade filled with her friends, and Duluth Police and Fire Department.

DULUTH, Minn.- As gatherings and parties have to be cancelled to maintain social distance, one Duluth community couldn’t let one six-year-old birthday girl go without having some type of celebration. Car honks, sirens, and waves greeted a very happy Josie Ulvestad, as she got her own personal birthday parade. Her mother told the other parents of her classmates over social…