Police Officers Bond With Community Over Hockey

The Superior Police Department invited the community to team up and play some floor hockey.

DULUTH, Minn.- Officers with the Superior Police Department bonded with community members over some friendly competition. The Superior Police Officers invited people to gear up for some floor hockey.  Police officers took a night off from patrolling the streets and patrolled the hockey puck.  Kids and officers lined up next to the full court, waiting for a chance to hop back…

Minnesota Lawmakers Push to Finalize Budget Deal

Lawmakers Doubtful Deal will Pass; Look Toward Special Session

ST. PAUL, Minn. – One-hundred twenty days have passed since the Minnesota Legislature first started work on the state’s budget bill. Monday evening the clock is ticking before the state constitution calls for a deal to be reached or the session will end without an agreement in place, resulting in a special session. “It’s compromise and it’s democracy and it’s…