Local Dancer Gives Others Virtual Platform to Shine

Worldwide Dance Challenge is uniting dancers across the world to connect, collaborate and compete.

DULUTH, Minn.- As more people stay at home across the world due to the Coronavirus, artists like dancers become stifled at home. Professional dancer Jesse Paul Smith noticed this, and started the Worldwide Dance Challenge. “I really believe this is the next phase of dance competitions,” he said. The Superior native saw how quarantine was effecting dancers, who had put…

Dancers Gather to Compete, Honor Fallen Breakdancer

9th annual Willie Kruger Dance Competition held at the Encounter.

DULUTH, Minn.- Tapping feet and grooving bodies filled the Encounter on First Street for the 9th Annual Willie Kruger Dance Competition, held in honor of the local breakdancing pioneer. Dancers came from around the country–from nine-year-olds to adults. Founder John D’Auria started the competition in honor of his cousin Willie, who died in 2010. According to dancers, the competition highlights…

Busting a Move at Willie Kruger Dance Competition

8th Annual Dance Competition Held at Sports Garden

DULUTH, Minn.- It started in 2011 with just 10 dancers. This year, 43 solo dancers and 13 dancing groups got their groove on for the 8th Annual Willie Kruger Dance Competition. The thump of bombastic beats, and the cheers from crazy crowds turn the Sports Garden upside down. The competition brings the community together every year. It not only benefits…