Brent Fennessey

Council Bypasses ‘Travel Superior’ For Commission to Handle Future Tourism Tax Distribution

An amendment was also approved stating that anything requiring $25,000 or more of tourism revenue would have to go out for bid to other entities, then approved by council.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- The Superior City Council decided to shake up the way they allocate tourism tax dollars, voting in favor of establishing a commission put forward by Mayor Jim Paine to handle the city’s tourism revenue, a role currently held by Travel Superior. According to the Mayor, this does not cut out Travel Superior from the equation but opens the…

Superior Council Delays Vote on Future Handling of Tourism Tax Revenue

Paine is calling for the creation of a tourism commission made up of six members to delegate the money as they see fit as long as it falls within state statutes.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- At Tuesday night’s council meeting, Superior Mayor Jim Paine’s proposal to create a tourism commission to handle how the city spends its tourism tax revenue — a role currently held by Travel Superior — was referred to a special Committee of the Whole Meeting for more discussion. The decision was made after more than an hour of public…

Superior Councilor Raises Ethical Concerns Over Marriage of Mayor Paine, Councilor Van Sickle 

In a letter to City Attorney Frog Prell, Sutherland worried votes by Van Sickle could inappropriately benefit Mayor Paine. 

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Superior City Councilor Craig Sutherland is raising conflict-of-interest concerns with the City Attorney’s office over the recent marriage between Mayor Jim Paine and Councilor Jenny Van Sickle. Letter from Councilor Craig Sutherland to City Attorney Frog Prell “I strongly believe we need some guidance on what to do moving forward,” Councilor Sutherland said. In a letter to City…

Facebook Gift Card Raffle Raises $20K for Superior Local Businesses So Far

Councilors Brent Fennessey and Craig Sutherland started the closed group two weeks ago.

SUPERIOR, Wis,- Like the rest of the Northland, normally busy streets and storefonts in Superior are bare as local businesses cope with being partially or completely shut down. Two Superior City Councilors decided to raise money for them, by raffling gift cards on Facebook. Weeks later, the small boost they hoped to give businesses is turning into a big help….

Ordinance Moves to Ban Smoking in Parks

The Parks and Recreation commission passed the ordinance Wednesday night, and will now head to the Superior City Council

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Some Superior city leaders are looking to ban smoking and vaping near playgrounds at parks in Superior. The Parks and Rec Commission called a special meeting Wednesday night and passed the ordinance that originally would have banned smoking in Superior parks, but now could just ban it near playgrounds. The ban would include lighted cigars, cigarettes, pipes, vape…

Superior ATV Trail Doesn’t Connect to Barker’s Island

Hotels in the Area Fearful of Consequences, Councilor says No Worries

SUPERIOR, Wis.- The new ATV trail through the city of Superior does not actually connect to Barker’s Island, and the other hotels in the area. The staff at Barker’s Island Inn says the lack of ATV trail connection hurts their business. But City Councilor Brent Fennessey, while still working on reconnecting the hotel, doesn’t see that as the case. Here’s…

Superior City Councilors Make A Push To Hire More Firefighters

The total cost for three firefighters would be $270,000 a year. 

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Superior City Councilors Craig Sutherland and Brent Fennessey want to fund three new firefighter positions to the department. They say it’s all about safety and restoring positions cut in past budgets. The total cost for three firefighters would be $270,000 a year, according to Mayor Jim Paine. Councilor Fennessey tells us a majority of the funding, $173,000 would come from the Oil Pipeline Terminal Tax…

Hagen Endorses Fennessey For Mayor

Thursday Morning, Superior Mayor Bruce Hagen Spoke to Superior Residents, Showing Support for Brent Fennessey

SUPERIOR, Wisc. – Only 11 days remain before the City of Superior takes on new leadership. Thursday morning, Mayor Bruce Hagen announced he is endorsing mayoral candidate Brent Fennessey. “I believe that Brent Fennessey is the candidate and the only candidate that has these qualifications and proven experience,” said Mayor Bruce Hagen. Hagen believes Fennessey has a young, fresh vision…