Brooke Wetmore

Knowing Your Neighbors: Buy and Sell Gear at Great Lakes Gear Exchange

New outdoor gear consignment store opens in East Hillside.

DULUTH, Minn.- Here outdoor activities are a part of life in any season. But all of that equipment can get pricey. Great Lakes Gear Exchange is hoping to change that. “Our mission is to make outdoor adventure financially and culturally accessible while promoting sustainability in the outdoor industry,” said co-owner Brooke Wetmore. Before occupying their new storefront on East 4th…

Great Lakes Gear Exchange Moves to East 4th Street

Consignment equipment store went from pop-up shop to storefront.

DULUTH, Minn.- A new store in Duluth’s Hillside neighborhood is aiming to offer outdoor gear at lower prices, by selling them on consignment. Great Lakes Gear Exchange started as a pop-up shop at the Duluth Folk School before moving to its location on East 4th Street. The consignment store will accept any non-motorized, gently used, clean clothing and gear to…

Gichi-Ode’Akiing Park Receives Bright Upgrade

The stairway to Lake Superior got a makeover as part of a community collaboration Thursday

DULUTH, Minn.- The stairs over at Gichi-Ode-Akiing park in downtown Duluth are getting a makeover as part of a community collaboration. People of all ages, and races packed the stairway at Gichi-Ode’Akiing Park formally Lake Place Park Thursday afternoon to paint murals of fish and other animals to honor the Anishinaabe presence and their leader Chief Buffalo. Organizers say it’s…