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MnDOT Updates on Mission Creek Burial Ground Restoration

Weather only a small hindrance so far.

DULUTH, Minn.- Minnesota Department of Transportation shared an update on its efforts to restore an unearthed Native American Burial site in the Fond Du Lac neighborhood. MnDOT held another community meeting on Wednesday. Transportation officials say after nearly two years of the accidental unearthing by MnDOT. Crews are continuing their sensitive work which has been slowed a bit with the…

Burial Ground Restoration Concerns Unaddressed

MnDot Meets with Frustrated Fond Du Lac Residents and Native Americans at Chambers Grove Park

Duluth, Minn.- There is growing anger from the Native American Community and people who live in the Fond Du Lac neighborhood. They say they’ve got more questions than answers involving the ongoing restoration of a sacred Native American Burial Site, that was accidentally unearthed more than a year ago by MnDOT workers. On Thursday dozens of disgruntled Fond Du Lac…