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‘Can Do Canines’ Offers Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe Throughout the Holidays

Keeping Your Dog Healthy During the Holidays

DULUTH, Minn. – Minnesota-based ‘Can Do Canines’ is offering a list of tips and tricks to follow in order to make sure your pets have a safe and ER-free holiday season. “Holidays can be stressful, and your dog may pick up on that too. New smells, tempting foods, and strangers in the home may all lead to higher stress levels…

Federal Prison Camp in Duluth Welcoming Seven Puppies for Five Week Training

Can Do Canines is a Non-Profit Based in New Hope, Minnesota

DULUTH, Minn. – After a full year of nearly no visitors allowed due to COVID-19, the Federal Prison Camp in Duluth will once again welcome four-legged friends back into the facility this Thursday. Can Do Canines out of New Hope, Minnesota, works with seven prisons across the state, having selected inmates to train new litters of puppies before they become…