Cancellation of 2020 Apple Fest a Big Test for Bayfield Businesses

It is arguably the cities largest event, and at times, can bring in over 60,000 people to a town with a popular of under 500.

BAYFIELD, Wisc. – This year, the fall season in Bayfield will be looking different. “Certainly overwhelming. Very large crowds come into town over the weekend. When the weather is nice, typically the streets will be packed body to body with people,” Howl Owner, Mary Thiel says. That won’t be happening with the cancellation of the 59th annual Apple Fest, and…

Bayfield Farmers Reflect on Cancellation of Apple Fest

"It's all the orchards together that makes Apple Fest what it is. It's not just one orchard or one property."

BAYFIELD, Wisc. – “Apple Fest is a lot of work and its the most fun I’ve ever had,” Bayfield Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, David Eades says. But because of Covid-19, the lack of Bayfield’s largest event will leave hole in the heart of city. “The energy. The community. The food vendors, the orchards, the parade the contests. There’s something…