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Crews Busy Clearing Snow from Roofs to Avoid Ice Dams and Vent Blockages

Snow removal businesses seeing an increase in business after the storms.

DULUTH, Minn.- Roads aren’t the only things experiencing problems under all the snow–roofs should be added to your shoveling list. Big piles of snow can create bigger problems in the form of ice dams and blocked vents, which can cause issues not just on your roof, but inside your house. Crews with businesses like Duluth Ice Dam Removal are three…

Several Northlanders Hospitalized from Possible Carbon Monoxide Exposure

Several Northlanders were hospitalized due to possible exposure, some were airlifted into Duluth.

VIRGINIA, Minn.- Seven Northlanders on the Iron Range are in the hospital after possible carbon monoxide exposure. The owner of the residence where this happened says three people live in the home and four others were visiting. Their condition has not been released Sunday. Fire Department Officials say it’s important for people to be educated about this silent killer. The…

7 Hospitalized After Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Virginia

First Responders evaluated for CO Exposure

Seven people were taken to the hospital Sunday morning following  carbon monoxide exposure in Virginia. It happened around 10:10 a.m. Sunday on the 1200 block of 19th Street South. Ambulance crews from Virginia, Eveleth and Biwabik were dispatched to the scene. The seven people inside were transported to a local hospital for treatment, with several airlifted to other medical facilities….