Carlton County

Community Holds Healing Walk for Man Shot in Fond Du Lac

Walk held for 45-year-old Broderick Robinson, who was shot in Cloquet.

CLOQUET, Minn.- Community members of the Fond Du Lac Reservation participated in a healing walk after Friday’s shooting in Cloquet. The walk started at the Fond Du Lac Ojibwe High School and continued for half a mile down the road. It was held after 45-year-old Broderick Robinson was shot at a Head Start Facility gym where a funeral was taking…

Historic Log Church Renovated, Open for 134 More Years of Memories

St. Mary and Joseph Church in Sawyer built in 1884 is open after seven years of renovations.

SAWYER, Minn.- This Sunday mass was no regular one for these churchgoers. They were attending service in the newly restored St. Mary and Joseph Log Church. “They think this is the greatest thing that happened,” said Deacon Bryan Bassa. “I’m just, oh I can’t explain, it’s just out of this world.” Also called the “Sawyer Log Church” and the “Church…

Landless Farmers Looking for Permanent Home

WRIGHT, Minn. – A unique farm has set up shop west of Prairie Lake in Wright, Minnesota. What makes this farm so special is that its business has traveled all over the Carlton County area. “I just fell in love with it. Love growing food for people. Love the community that we’ve built around growing them their food,” CSA Farmer,…

FEMA Asseses Flood Damage

Need For Public Assistance Being Determined

Duluth, Minn.-While the flash flood waters ravaged many Northland communities last month, communities still dealing with the effects of the flash flood of 2012, FEMA is reporting Carlton county to be recovering well. A state of emergency was quickly declared in June, but since then many roads and bridges that were once just chunks floating in water are now restored….

Gov. Dayton Visits Flood Damaged Areas

Gov. Dayton came to the Carlton County Transportation Building and was accompanied by Homeland Security and Emergency Management Personnel, city and state leaders.

CARLTON, Minn. – It was about a month ago when flood waters swept through parts of Carlton County and even though most of the water has now gone down recovery efforts continue. Gov. Dayton had a jam packed schedule touring damage ridden areas. Earlier in the day he was in Mora before heading to Carlton. The governor made the trip from…

How to Ensure Safe Campfire Traditions

Park officials say its important to teach your child campfire safety at every age.

CARLTON COUNTY, Minn.- As the weather is slowly getting warmer, its that time of year for smores and campfire stories, along with the fun comes fire responsibility. Dryer weather and winds are ideal conditions for wildfires to spark. To avoid your campfire getting out of hand, park officials ask campers to use a fire ring, avoid liquid fire starters, and…

Nephew Accused of Murdering Uncle in Carlton County

New details from authorities in what's considered Carlton County's first murder investigation in 2018.

PROGRESS TOWNSHIP, Minn.- A Bayfield man is facing charges of murder and attempted murder after a shooting in Carlton County over the weekend that involved the suspect’s uncle and cousin. Investigators believe suspect James Montano shot and killed his uncle, while also grazing his cousin with a bullet in this shootout. But a motive is still not clear. According to the criminal…

Midday Update 7-24-17

Local news and weather headlines for the Northland

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Friends of Animals Now Open, Seeking Donations in New Location

Donations Highly Encouraged at Friends of Animals as Humane Society Starts Fresh in New Location

CLOQUET, Minn. – After being closed for nearly one month, staff and volunteers at Friends of Animals Humane Society in Cloquet are opening up the doors to a new location. While the excitement is high, funding is still needed to reach the final goal. Right now, there’s a kingdom of condos being built; condos housing herds of cute kittens. “We…

Class Offers Glimpse into Carlton County Past

Northland Uncovered: Carlton County Historical Society

CLOQUET, Minn. – Many people like to know how the area they live in came to be. Some folks in Cloquet are helping make that happen. The Carlton County Historical Society is hosting a five-week course on the history of the county. Museum Director Rachael Martin will conduct the classes based on archival materials from the historical society’s collection. This…