Cold Weather Fun

Jumping Out of the Cold, Into Summer Break

Planet 3 Extreme Air Park attracts families looking for fun indoor activities.

DULUTH, Minn.- When the weather on this planet gets you down, why not travel to a new planet? Planet 3 to be exact. Summer Break is beginning for students and in nasty weather like Sunday’s, families are trying to find fun indoor activities. So in the gloomy, windy, snowy outdoors, Planet 3 Extreme Air Park on 46th Avenue West, turns into…

Brutal Cold Weather Strikes Northland

Fun Cold Weather Tricks To Try In Rare Frigid Temperatures

BRUTAL HISTORIC COLD ARRIVES IN THE NORTHLAND WIND CHILL WARNING: Dangerous cold air temperatures paired with high winds will create life threatening wind chills throughout the day today and into Thursday morning. -40° to -60° feel like temperatures will be felt, which can cause frost bite in 5 minutes. It is crucial that you limit your time outdoors, cover all…