cold weather

Local Establishment Staying Warm During the Cold

Vita Pizza uses stove to stay warm this Winter season

DULUTH, MN- With the colder weather we are expecting over the next week or so, Vita’s Pizza staff is using their toasty oven to stay warm. Their wood stove they use to cook the pizzas can reach a thousand degrees, which they are more than happy with on a cold Minnesota day. If you don’t feel like heading dow n…

Growing Season Sprouts at Engwall’s

Spring Officially Begins on March 20, but the Staff at Engwall's are Already Ordering, Planting and Watering

DULUTH, Minn. – The Northland is still a little over two months away from the official start of spring, but when temperatures plummet as low as they have been, it’s hard not to think of warmer weather. Spring in the northern hemisphere begins on Tuesday, March 20, and one business in the Northland is already growing more and more excited….

Gearing Up for Cold Weather

Active Adventures: Proper Dressing for Frigid Temperatures

DULUTH, Minn. – Below average temperatures have been keeping the Northland cold throughout the week. For this week’s Active Adventures, FOX 21’s William Seay got advice for dressing for the cold weather. Eve Graves told William how to dress if he’s interested in skiing, jogging, or doing some other active activity in frigid temperatures. Graves tells FOX 21, “there’s no…

Staying Safe in Extreme, Cold Temperatures

Active Adventures: Gearing Up for Winter Weather

DULUTH, Minn. – For this week’s Active Adventures we focused on the extreme cold the Northland is experiencing. FOX 21’s William Seay went to Trail Fitters to talk with Assistant Manager Biagio Nigrelli. Nigrelli says it’s important to layer in these conditions and always be prepared to go outside. Nigrelli suggested wearing long underwear, proper boots for the occasion, buff…

Northland Woman Sells Products to Keep You Warm

Solutions for those who enjoy outdoor activities in the winter

DULUTH, Minn. – One Northland woman is very busy selling two products that are proven to keep you warmer in these cold winter months. Eve Graves stumbled upon two products when she was trying to solve her own problems with the winter temperatures. As an outdoor winter enthusiast, Grave struggled to stay warm while doing her favorite activities but now,…