colder temperatures

Gloomy Weather on Easter Sunday

Cold and wet doesn't stop Northlanders from enjoying the lake.

DULUTH, Minn.- Wind, rain, clouds and cool air took over the Northland on Easter Sunday. In Canal Park, sheets of ice replaced the waves around the lighthouse. But, that didn’t stop visitors from checking out Lake Superior. “We were hoping with this strong Northeast wind we’d see some waves, but we see iceberg, which is good,” said Phil White, visiting…

Ice Cream and Coffee: How the Northland Copes with the Cold

Two Local Businesses Remain Open with Customers to Show for It

DULUTH, Minn.- The extreme cold doesn’t keep the Northland from getting out to enjoy the finer things in life. Because if you think temps that feel like -40 keep people here inside, you don’t know Minnesota. “The weather doesn’t bother me at all.” Armon Freeman, a Junior at Denfeld High School, walks into Bridgeman’s in Duluth with his cousins, wearing only…

Knowing Your Neighbors: Warming Up the Homeless

Ruth House Opens as Warming Center

SUPERIOR, Wis.- As the frigid air of night sets in, the question of where to sleep enters the minds of the homeless in Duluth and Superior. Places like CHUM or Solid Rock often fill up quickly, leaving them with almost no options. Until now. The Ruth House in Superior is offering warmth, and care, to anyone who needs it during Northland…

As Temps Drop, CHUM Proposes Warming Centers

CHUM Asks Council to Consider Proposal As Their Space Decreases

DULUTH, Minn.- As the extreme cold starts setting in, finding a warm, safe place to sleep becomes a serious, and even deadly challenge for Duluth’s homeless community. According to CHUM, more warm shelter options are needed in the city of Duluth, especially during a deep freeze. Last winter, 42 nights dropped below zero. In those conditions, it can take only…

Sunday January 28, 2018: Evening Forecast

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