Following Along on Local Judge’s Morning Commute

Judge Shaun Floerke rides to the Duluth Court House regardless of the weather.

DULUTH, Minn.-  For nearly a decade Judge Shaun Floerke has been gearing up for each full day of work at the Duluth Court House by hopping on his bike. Once gas prices hit three dollars a gallon all those years ago, Judge Floerke changed up his morning commute, biking instead of driving. “The first couple of weeks were just super…

Messy Morning Commute for Drivers in Downtown Duluth

Over a Dozen Crashes were Reported, with Duluth Police Responding

DULUTH, Minn. – It was a messy morning commute for drivers making their way through downtown Duluth Tuesday. Shortly after 8:00a.m., officials started receiving calls of vehicles sliding down Lake Avenue and other surrounding avenues in the area. Duluth Police Department responded to over a dozen crashes. Slick conditions made it nearly impossible to maneuver down the roads. One crash…