St. Luke’s Dietitian Offers Summer Food Safety Tips

St. Luke's Clinical Dietitian Mary Cherne Offers Important Tips to Remember When Preparing Your Summer BBQ

DULUTH, Minn. – Independence Day falls on a Wednesday this year and many folks will be firing up the grill to help celebrate, but St. Luke’s in Duluth says it’s important to remember a few simple safety tips when it comes to setting out your favorite picnic foods. Monday morning, St. Luke’s Clinical Dietitian Mary Cherne stopped by FOX 21…

Contaminated Slips in Duluth Harbor May Undergo Cleaning Process

Harbor dredge material will be used as one layer of capping material.

DULUTH, Minn. – Two slips in the Duluth Harbor may undergo a serious cleaning process to get rid of contamination. The contamination comes from past practices of disposing waste material from industrial sites. The plan is to turn about the top 15 inches of the bottom of the harbor into clean sand for bugs, fish and plants to live in. Slip 3…