Corktown Deli

Vegan & Gluten Free Cactus Tacos

COOKING CONNECTION: Taco Arcada Nopales Tacos

LINCOLN PARK, Minn. — In this week’s Cooking Connection, we are making Nopales Tacos with Taco Arcada! This taco option is vegan and also gluten free. It’s main ingredient is cactus, yes! A nopal is a prickly pear cactus and a common ingredient in Mexican cooking. (The owners made a trip all the way down to Mexico to learn this…

Taco Arcada Coming to Lincoln Park

May 5th is the expected opening day for pinball and taco restaurant

DULUTH, MINN.- The owner of Duluth Grill, OMC Smokehouse and Corktown Deli is getting ready to open another business in Lincoln Park and this time it’s all about tacos and pin ball machines. Taco Arcada plans to open on West Superior Street on Cinco de Mayo and it’ll be connected in the basement by a hallway to nearby Corktown Deli…