ACA Enrollment Starts Today: Here’s What to Look For

A new deadline, rising prices and fewer options for help will greet health insurance shoppers as the Affordable Care Act’s main enrollment window opens Wednesday. Also in store: Befuddlement. “Confusion seems to be one of the key words to describe what we’re facing now,” said Nicolas Moriello, a Delaware-based broker. Among the things Moriello has found he needs to clear…

Pet Insurance Increasing in Popularity

Local Farmers Insurance Agent Shares Importance of Pet Policies

DULUTH, Minn. – Health insurance has been a hot topic for months now as lawmakers look to improve our healthcare system. But, what about our furry friends? We often forget about the possibilities of dreaded medical bills when taking our pets to the veterinarian. “I don’t think people know about it yet,” said Patrick Shelton, Farmers Insurance Agent in Duluth, Minnesota….