Duluth City Crews Clear Heavy Chunks of Metal Culvert from Lester River

Crews said they were pieces of culverts washed out from the 2012 flood. 

DULUTH, Minn.- Among the swimmers in the river and hikers on the trail, some may have spotted city crews at Lester Park clearing metal debris out of the river. Public works responded to a citizen report of chunks of metal floating downstream. Crews said they were pieces of culverts washed out from the 2012 flood. Some of those pieces weiged…

Flooded Roads Created by Frozen Creeks in Duluth

Crews use heavy machinery to break ice.

DULUTH, Minn.- Sometimes clearing flooded roads isn’t as simple as removing the water or unclogging a nearby storm drain or culvert. A harsh winter can cause water backup in another way. Duluth Public Works crews arrived to deal with about 10 inches water on 88th Avenue West. They found the drain didn’t take much unplugging, the big issue was the…

City Crews Tackle Storm Drains in Superior, Cleaning Businesses Prep for Flooding

City of Superior and SERVPRO of Twin Ports Share Tips and Tricks

SUPERIOR, Wis.- There are 3067 storm drains, 91 miles of sewer, and 181 miles of ditches, swales and culverts in the City of Superior. Now crews are rushing to have those near homes clear, before any flooding can begin. “If that drain gets plugged up, whether it’s plugged up with debris like leaves, grass, sticks, garbage, or ice like we’re…