Dave Montgomery

Montgomery Announces Retirement

Longtime Chief Administration Officer Bids Adieu

Duluth, Minn- A big change is coming to the Mayor’s office in Duluth. After nearly ten years in his position, Chief Administration Officer Dave Montgomery is retiring. Montgomery is the longest serving Chief Administrative Officer in Duluth for 30 years. The farewell crowd at City Hall included former Mayor Don Ness, members of the Fire Department, and various other city…

Sea Wall Repairs Moving Forward

If a Sea Wall Isn't Fixed They will Corrode Over Time

DULUTH, Minn. –  Constant waves coming in across the harbor and rolling underneath the bottom of the seawall have led to its corrosion. Now the city is trying to repair the damages. The repairs on the sea wall is made up of two sections the Minnesota Slip and another area near the DECC (Duluth Entertainment Convention Center). The Minnesota slip is where…