Denfeld High School

St. Louis County Designated High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area

HIDTA Designation means substantial funding boost, which authorities say they need.

DULUTH, Minn.- The Duluth Police Department and St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office announced the county has officially been designated as a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area by the White House. It means the county receives substantial additional funding, at a time when authorities say they need it. “Extra resources are gonna provide extra dividends,” said Commander of the Lake Superior…

All About Rhubarb at Rhubarb Festival

Fundraiser benefits CHUM Food Shelf

DULUTH, Minn.- You know summer is here when it’s time for the Annual Rhubarb Festival. Benefiting the CHUM Food Shelf, the 15th Annual Rhubarb Festival took over part of London Road with Rhubarb Pie, Rhubarb Lemonade, and Rhubarb Bratwurst, and more Rhubarb. The festival raises about $60,000-$70,000 for CHUM each year. This year’s goal was to raise more than $75,000….

Duluth Area High School Soccer Players Sent to Sweden

Soccer Exchange gives Duluth students a taste of Swedish Culture.

DULUTH, Minn.- As part of a 22-year-program with Duluth’s sister city Vaxjo, Duluth-area high school soccer players headed to Sweden to play soccer, and be hosted by Swedish students. They’ll spend 18 days experiencing Swedish culture, and of course, soccer. On Tuesday students said goodbye to their families before hopping on the buses to MSP, where they’ll board a flight…

Duluth Rowing Club Prepares to Row Into Summer

Club holds informational meeting at Denfeld High School.

DULUTH, Minn.- As summer is about to roll in, Duluth rowers are about to row out. The Duluth Rowing Club is finishing construction on two new buildings at their Park Point location, just in time for summer. Those two buildings replace the reportedly failing infrastructure of the original building, built in the 1800s. The rehabilitations cost a total of a…

Denfeld Freshmen Visit UWS

'Denfeld Days' event held while juniors take ACTs.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- The entire Freshman class from Denfeld stopped by UWS today, to get them thinking about their future, and to keep them busy while Denfeld Juniors take the ACTs. The freshmen visited the University for “Denfeld Days.” 200 students toured the campus and participated in recreation activities. University officials say they hope the day changes the minds of high…

Denfeld Robotics Return to FIRST Competition

Team DNA goes undefeated through Quarterfinals

DULUTH, Minn.- A Duluth team faired well at the FIRST Minnesota robotics competition this weekend. Team Denfeld Nation Automation, or DNA competed in the Lake Superior Regional for the first time this season. They ranked first out of 63 teams in the qualification matches and went undefeated through quarterfinals. However, their winning streak ended in semifinals. At the awards ceremony, the…

City of Duluth Kicks Off New Flag Redesign Project

City taking design submissions until April.

DULUTH, Minn.- The city of Duluth hasn’t changed it’s flag for nearly 50 years. Some people think it needs an update. On Wednesday the city organized a meeting for people to share their thoughts about how to update it. The city says they have heard many requests to change the design. So they invited the public to come share ideas. The…

Ice Cream and Coffee: How the Northland Copes with the Cold

Two Local Businesses Remain Open with Customers to Show for It

DULUTH, Minn.- The extreme cold doesn’t keep the Northland from getting out to enjoy the finer things in life. Because if you think temps that feel like -40 keep people here inside, you don’t know Minnesota. “The weather doesn’t bother me at all.” Armon Freeman, a Junior at Denfeld High School, walks into Bridgeman’s in Duluth with his cousins, wearing only…

Making Railroad Crossings Safer

New Safety Measures Aim to Reduce Accidents

DULUTH, Minn.- Saint Louis County ranks in the top five counties in Minnesota for the number of crossing accidents reported each year. On Monday, the city and North Shore Scenic Railroad unveiled new measures to change that, at multiple spots around the community including at 45th and 47th Avenues East, McCulloch St., and Harbor Dr. City leaders gathered at the railroad…

Essentia Duluth Heritage Center Turns 10

10th Anniversary Celebrated at Denfeld High School

DULUTH, Minn.- A staple of Duluth community sports celebrated a special birthday Thursday night. The tribal thunder of boomwhackers leads you to the auditorium of Denfeld High School, as the Essentia Duluth Heritage Center celebrates its 10th Anniversary. All ages attended the interactive program to wish a happy 10th birthday to the sports center. John Shuster was even in attendance, bringing a…

Denfeld High School Band Hosts Mardi Gras Themed Fundraiser

Students will perform at several locations while in New Orleans.

DULUTH, Minn. – The Denfeld High School Band has their sights set on taking a trip to New Orleans. So they had a Mardi Gras themed fundraiser to raise money to get them there. The trip is scheduled for next month. Students will perform at several locations while in New Orleans. “Just to see the local history of New Orleans…

Denfeld High School Students Sing the Sounds of Christmas

Maroon 16 was dressed in costumes from the University of Minnesota Duluth to look the part

DULUTH, Minn. -People in Gary New Duluth were in the holiday spirit at the Second Annual Sounds of Christmas. Students from Denfeld High School provided the music. The group calls themselves “Maroon 16.” The performance was held at the Gary New Duluth Rec Center, which has become a major gathering place in the community. “It’s important to have events like this to…