Denfield High School

More Snow Means More Business at Local Grocery Stores

Many shop before snow storm hits.

DULUTH, Minn.- More snow can be a hindrance for some. But for area grocery stores, it means a boost in sales. The Whole Foods Co-op in Denfeld said they can always anticipate an increase in sales of essentials like toilet paper and canned goods. They see the biggest uptake in their produce sales, of which increased 50 percent the past…

Spirit Valley Days Kicks Off with a VROOM

The Kyle Smalley Auto Show marked the beginning of Spirit Valley Days

Spirit Valley, Minn- The popular Spirit valley days in West Duluth, that started back in 1979. The festival has kicked off for another summer weekend. And to start, it’s all about classic cars with the Kyle Smalley Auto Show. Dozens of car enthusiasts showed off their rides to the neighborhood on Grand Avenue for all to enjoy. For some motorists, it’s the…