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Gun Deer Hunting Kicks Off in Wisconsin

Meat Processors Across State Get Busy

POPLAR, Wis.- Rifles cocked, targets in sight, Deer hunting has begun in Wisconsin. This means meat processors across the state are going to be extra busy, but the business has been spread out. With the colder weather allowing meat to be outside longer, the folks at Hursh Meat Processing have had their hands full all day, showing how it’s going…

Wisconsin Deer Hunting Begins as License Sales are Low

Hunting Stores Help Hunters Gear Up

DULUTH, Minn.-With the Wisconsin Gun Deer Opener happening at first light on Saturday, hunting stores like Superior Shooters Supply are helping hunters gear up to start the season. The gleam of polished rifles and the rattling of ammunition boxes mean it’s that time of year: Wisconsin deer hunting begins. Which means products at area hunting stores are flying off the…

Wisconsin DNR could be in upheaval

Discussion of breaking up different departments

Republicans are considering splitting up Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources, scattering parks, forestry, environmental, hunting and fishing programs among three existing agencies and two new ones. The Wisconsin State Journal reported Thursday that lawmakers behind the plan say they’re pursuing the dramatic change because the DNR is not working well. Gov. Scott Walker tells the newspaper that the plan is…