Future Doctors Earn Their White Coats

The class of 2022 has 65 students. It's the largest incoming class ever for the school.

DULUTH, Minn. – The University of Minnesota Medical School Duluth Campus welcomed future doctors with a white coat ceremony. The class of 2022 has 65 students. It’s the largest incoming class ever for the school. Lauren Summers says when she first saw her white coat it was kind of surreal. “Me and all of my classmates have been working for…

Local Doctor Speaks on Benefits of Physical Therapy

Active Adventures: In Motion Therapy

DULUTH, Minn. – Through many different instances, one can become injured. A local doctor is looking to educate those injured about proper healing methods. For some, an injury could be so serious they require surgery, but according to Annita Winkels, DPT, for others, physical therapy is the answer. Dr. Winkels, Founder of In Motion Therapy says the goal is to…

Superior Firefighters Undergo Stress Tests for Heart Health

St. Luke's is Partnering with Superior Fire Department, After a Federal Grant Allows for Free Stress Tests

DULUTH, Minn. – A federal grant recently received by the Superior Fire Department is going toward improving the quality of health for firefighters. Tuesday morning, firefighter Cameron Vollbrecht responded to his stress test appointment at the St. Luke’s Regional Vascular Center. Experts are using the tests to take a closer look at lung capacity and heart rate under intense situations….