Don Rowe

Bell of USS Duluth Now Hangs in Depot

After 5-6 years Bell makes it back to the city the ship is named after.

DULUTH, Minn.- The second piece of the USS Duluth, the bell, has made its way back to the city the ship was named after. The first piece of the ship, the anchor, can be seen from the Lakewalk. Crewmembers of the ship could not be more proud to have the bell back in the ship’s namesake. The ship’s bell signaled…

USS Duluth Reunion See’s Flag From Ship Hung At City Hall

Thirty members of the USS Duluth gathered at City Hall today for this special recognition

DULUTH, Minn.- U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Veterans who served on board the USS Duluth decades ago are back in the Twin Ports for a reunion this week. Thursday, these crew members celebrated a flag that was on that ship for six months during World War Two. A Battle Ensign is a large flag on a ship making that ship…