Dr. Robert McClellan

Spring Animal Concerns: Ticks are Back, Lilies are Toxic

Dr. Robert McClellan Reminds Pet Owners That Easter Lilies Are Toxic for Cats

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Spring is an exciting time for many Northland residents, however, with the excitement and adventures comes concern for our four-legged friends. Dr. Bob McClellan with Superior Animal Hospital says it’s important to be proactive, and on the lookout as the weather starts to warm, especially with the Easter holiday weekend coming up. “Probably our best sentinels for…

Keeping Fido Calm During Fourth Festivities

A Place for Fido Offers a Variety of Products to Help Keep Animals Calm During Stressful Situations

DULUTH, Minn. – Anxiety medications are flying out the doors of local veterinary clinics and hospitals this week along with other treats, toys, and materials used to keep animals calm as humans prepare to blast off fireworks to celebrate independence. “We do get a lot of anxiety ridden dogs that come in this time of year,” said Jamie Parent, Owner…