Dr. Ryan Westergaard

Wisconsin Health Officials Concerned For COVID Surge Caused By Holidays, Omicron

96% of ICU beds and 98% of immediate care beds are full statewide.

WISCONSIN – State health officials in Wisconsin echo the desperate pleas of those regionally and across the country, declaring a public health advisory as they anticipate a surge in disease activity due to the Omicron variant. There were more than 13 hundred new COVID cases reported in the state yesterday, with 19 Omicron cases detected so far. Experts expect that…

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers, Health Officials Urge State to Take Virus Seriously Ahead of Winter

"If we do nothing differently, I would say it's a high likelihood that this is going to get much worse before it gets better," said the Chief Medical Officer. 

WISCONSIN- As the state of Wisconsin comes off of their highest single day jump in COVID-19 cases this weekend, Governor Tony Evers and public health officials urge Wisconsinites to take the virus more seriously going into the winter. Positive cases in Wisconsin increased by more than 2,000 each day for the past four days. Monday, there were 2,367 more cases….