Meditating to the Beat of Your Own Drum

Group Drumming Circle at Inner Bliss Spiritual Health Center helps people deal with trauma, anxiety.

DULUTH, Minn.- A group in Duluth is trying something new with meditation: connecting with themselves through drumming. Just follow the pounding sound down to the basement of the Inner Bliss Spiritual Health Center on East Superior Street, where you’ll find the group drumming circle. “It’s almost primal in nature, everyone can pick up a drum,” said drumming circle leader Gini…

The End of a Musical Era at Club Saratoga

No More Jazz on Saturday Afternoons.

DULUTH, Minn.- To the dismay of many Duluthians, Saturday marked the end of an era. After more than 30 years, Club Saratoga in Canal Park will no longer have Jazz music on Saturday afternoons. You follow the classy sound of jazz inside the dimly lit club. The smooth voice of the singer strings you along. The cool keys of the…