Duluth Heights Hockey Association

December-Soaked Storm Thaws Rinks, Quickens Slopes

While outdoor rinks lost ice to the rain, skiers and snowboarders enjoyed faster slopes.

DULUTH, Minn.- Wednesday night’s unprecedented December thunderstorm froze things to a halt at local outdoor hockey rinks like Duluth Heights, but proved beneficial to skiers and snowboarders. “Warm-ups and stuff like that have taken us out but not rain like that. Not rain where we’re getting thunderstorms and kids are running down in the middle of the night from the…

‘Power Play Paddle Fundraiser’ Rents Paddleboards to Raise Money for Youth Hockey

The event raised roughly $500, enough to pay one hockey player’s fees for a whole year.

DULUTH, Minn.- While hockey and stand-up paddle boarding may not have a lot in common, the two banded together for the first ever Power Play Paddle Fundraiser to raise money for the Duluth Heights Hockey Association on Park Point Beach Sunday. “Duluth is so fun in the summer, and there’s so much to do and obviously this is not during…

Duluth Heights Hockey Rink Opens, Community Center Still Closed

Hockey Association has quotes on roof repair.

DULUTH, Minn.- The sound of metal skates on ice mean it’s that time of year: hockey season is back again. And the Duluth Heights Community Center is the first to open their outdoor rink this season. “The kids spend 4–6 days here every week in the winter I would say,” said Duluth Heights Hockey Association President Kim Oppelt. “So it’s…