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Get a Great Glass Pumpkin at Lake Superior Art Glass

Second Annual Pumpkin Patch Party held.

DULUTH, Minn.- At a time of year where people are normally carving their own pumpkins, people in Canal Park got to watch their pumpkins be created–out of glass. Lake Superior Art Glass hosted its second annual Pumpkin Patch Party. People could reserve a spot in line to design their own custom glass pumpkin at various prices and sizes, to be…

Painting a Great Pumpkin

Board and Brush Hosts Pumpkin Make n Take

DULUTH, Minn.- The winds brought fall into the air as some Duluth families got to make their own Halloween decorations thanks to Board and Brush Creative Studio. For $5 anyone could walk in and make a pumpkin to take home (wooden pumpkins, of course). They were painted with stencils, and topped with ribbons around the stems. “Instead of going to…

Pumpkin Stands Already Popping up in Northland

Pumpkin Season is Getting to Full Strength

DULUTH, Minn.-With the fall chill in the air, that means it’s pumpkin season. One pumpkin seller has already popped up in the Miller Hill Mall Parking lot. He said people can be pretty selective about the pumpkins they purchase, including little kids who fall in love with the fruit. “It’s so fun,” said Adam Jaros, of DC Produce. “I’ve done…