Duluth Saginaw Stove Works and Christmas Tree Farm

Saginaw Man Continues Holiday Tradition with ‘Cut Your Own’ Tree Farm

Keith Miernicki Not Only Sells Christmas Trees, He's Also Dabbles in Stove Sales for Saunas

SAGINAW, Minn. – Finding the perfect Christmas tree begins with picking the best location to chop one down. One Saginaw man continues to spread Christmas cheer by opening up his many acres of land for families to take a drive and cut their own Tannenbaum. “I probably have a million trees,” said Keith Miernicki, owner of Duluth Saginaw Stove Works…

Local Christmas Tree Farms See Boost in Sales As Big Box Retailers See Shortage

Retail Christmas tree sellers are experiencing a shortage, though that's not a problem for small, local farmers who have their own natural inventory, they said.

DULUTH, Minn.- As the holidays draw closer, owners of Christmas Tree Farms in the Northland are seeing a boost in business this year, as a shortage at bigger box retailers is drawing people to shop local farms for their trees and wreaths. “I probably have a million trees and about half of my farm is, I would say 100-120 acres…