Duluth Veterinary Hospital

Vets: Keep Your Pet Active, Warm in Winter

They say to make sure to shovel a path for your dog to do their business, whether on a walk or in the backyard.

DULUTH, Minn.- It could be easy to hit the couch and cuddle your cat or dog close during weather like this, but vets at local animal hospitals say it’s important to get them walking even in the winter in a safe way. “It’s one more thing in the storm to do but pets are important and need to be taken…

Pet Oxygen Mask Helps Save the Life of 3-Year-Old Ozzy the Pug

The Duluth Fire Department First Started Receiving Pet Oxygen Masks in 2014

DULUTH, Minn. – Pets in distress. It often happens when a fire breaks out, or during traffic emergencies. Now thanks to a partnership between the Duluth Fire Department and Duluth Veterinary Hospital, local first responders are better equipped to handle our four-legged friends. “I treat them like my kids,” said Coralie Anderson, owner of 3-year-old Ozzy the Pug. It’s a…

Veterinary Clinics Open Amid COVID-19 Concerns, New Protocols In Place

Local Vet Clinics Are Using Curbside Services to Continue Seeing Clients' Pets

DULUTH, Minn. – With several business owners closing their doors, Northland veterinary clinics are also seeing the effects of coronavirus (COVID-19). This reality is because more people are choosing to keep their pets home instead of receiving nonessential care. At Duluth Veterinary Hospital, they have protocols in place for a curbside service, where staff comes out to retrieve the pet…