Duluth Veterinary Hospital

Pet Oxygen Mask Helps Save the Life of 3-Year-Old Ozzy the Pug

The Duluth Fire Department First Started Receiving Pet Oxygen Masks in 2014

DULUTH, Minn. – Pets in distress. It often happens when a fire breaks out, or during traffic emergencies. Now thanks to a partnership between the Duluth Fire Department and Duluth Veterinary Hospital, local first responders are better equipped to handle our four-legged friends. “I treat them like my kids,” said Coralie Anderson, owner of 3-year-old Ozzy the Pug. It’s a…

Veterinary Clinics Open Amid COVID-19 Concerns, New Protocols In Place

Local Vet Clinics Are Using Curbside Services to Continue Seeing Clients' Pets

DULUTH, Minn. – With several business owners closing their doors, Northland veterinary clinics are also seeing the effects of coronavirus (COVID-19). This reality is because more people are choosing to keep their pets home instead of receiving nonessential care. At Duluth Veterinary Hospital, they have protocols in place for a curbside service, where staff comes out to retrieve the pet…